Electrophysiology, miniaturized.™

Neural recording and stimulating headstages powered by Intan microchips

Intan Technologies miniaturizes the functions of traditional large, expensive electrophysiology equipment and enables small, low-cost scientific instruments and medical devices.

We develop specialized integrated circuits to interface with electrical signals in living tissue. We create innovative microchips to sense and stimulate neurons and muscles.

Intan products are used by biomedical companies and research labs in over 50 countries around the world.

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  • New 16-channel RHD headstage with a three-axis accelerometer. This is our smallest headstage yet, at only 19 mm x 13 mm.
  • New 18-pin electrode adapter board for RHD and RHS 16-channel headstages.
  • New dual headstage adapter for our RHD systems. This part is more flexible and physically rugged than the old flex-style adapter.
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