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RHD2000 SPI cable adapter board
RHD2000 SPI cable adapter board connected to an SPI interface cable. (Click for larger image.)

Main Documentation:

SPI interface cable/connector specification

Application note: Adapting SPI cables to a commutator

Supporting Documents:

RHD2000 evaluation system datasheet

RHD2000 evaluation system catalog

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RHD2000 SPI cable adapter boardClose-up view of RHD2000 SPI cable adapter board with self-aligning 12-pin polarized nano connector.

RHD2000 SPI Cable Adapter Board

The RHD2000 SPI cable adapter board (Part #C3430) connects to an SPI interface cable and brings out all 12 power and data wires to 0.1" pitch solder holes for easy access. This board may be used to interface RHD2000 SPI interface cables with prototype devices. It may also be used to connect RHD2000 SPI signals to a commutator, as described in the RHD2000 Application Note: Adapting SPI Cables to a Commutator.

The board uses an Omnetics PZN-12 polarized nano connector, and may be directly connected to SPI interface cables, amplifier boards, or SPI ports on the RHD2000 USB interface board.

Technical details on the SPI cables and connectors may be found in the SPI interface cable/connector specification.

This board is a component of the RHD2000 Evaluation System.

The operation of the USB interface board and amplifier boards are described in more detail in the RHD2000 evaluation system datasheet. All components of the system are shown in the RHD2000 evaluation system catalog. The evaluation system is built around our open-source Rhythm USB/FPGA interface.

Complete schematics of this adapter board are available on our downloads page.


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