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RHD2000 MATLAB toolbox
RHD2000 MATLAB Toolbox: Sample multi-channel data acquisition m-file written using the toolbox.

Main Documentation:

RHD2000 MATLAB Toolbox Getting Started Guide

RHD2000 evaluation system datasheet

RHD2000 evaluation system catalog

Supporting Documents:

RHD2000 USB/FPGA interface: Rhythm


RHD2000 MATLAB Toolbox

The RHD2000 MATLAB Toolbox links the RHD2000 Evaluation System to Mathworks' powerful MATLAB software.

The toolbox contains MATLAB classes (m-files) that enable live control of electrophysiology data acquisition using the RHD2000 USB interface board and associated amplifier boards. MATLAB's rich language and powerful libraries allow for quick and easy development of data acquisition software tailored to specific applications.

Joining the RHD2000 Evaluation System with MATLAB allows for analysis and visualization of data as it is acquired. The Intan MATLAB Toolbox contains easy-to-use classes for basic data acquisition and configuration functions when advanced control is needed.  Specialized scripts support electrode impedance measurement, streaming data to files, and other commonly used functions.

The RHD2000 MATLAB Toolbox includes many pre-made examples to serve as tutorials and to jump-start development.

Pre-made examples include:

  • Acquiring, displaying, and streaming electrophysiology data to disk in real time
  • Performing real time analysis on amplifier waveforms: implementing a virtual reference, isolating spikes and LFPs, and counting spikes
  • Implementing episodic recording: automatically saving separate files for multiple trials demarcated by a digital input
  • Controlling multiple RHD2000 USB interface boards from one computer for acquiring more than 256 channels of data.
  • Measuring in situ electrode impedances


System requirements: MATLAB 2012 or later, 32- or 64-bit, running under Windows.

Download version 1.2.2 (45 MB) (updated May 15, 2018): RHD2000 MATLAB Toolbox (Release notes)

The download, a self-extracting .EXE file, will install the Intan library and add a new toolbox plus examples under the directory <matlabroot>/toolbox/local, or another location specified during the install process. We recommend running the examples in the installed RHD2000 Matlab Toolbox/examples directory. Each example contains extensive documentation in the form of comments, and help is available for all examples and toolbox classes (both 'help' and 'doc').

Read the short Getting Starting Guide for more information.

Certain browsers may warn (incorrectly) that the file contains malware. We have verified the contents of the download.  You may verify its integrity in the following way:

  • Once you've unzipped the file, the self-extracting executable RHD2000_Matlab_Toolbox_1.2.2.0.exe is digitally signed by Intan Technologies.  You can verify this by right-clicking on the executable and choosing the "Digital Signatures" tab.  Choosing the Intan signature and clicking "Details" should show a screen with the message "This digital signature is OK."

Installation Notes:

If you have not already installed the RHD2000 USB interface board drivers, these should be installed prior to using the MATLAB Toolbox.

The operation of the RHD2000 USB interface board and amplifier boards are described in more detail in the RHD2000 evaluation system datasheet. All components of the system are shown in the RHD2000 evaluation system catalog.


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