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Intan CLAMP chips
CLAMP series patch clamp amplifier chips in 28-pin and 48-pin plastic SSOP packages.

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Intan CLAMP chip current clamp demo

Current clamp demonstration: The intracellular potential of a neuron is monitored during the injection of constant-current pulses.


Intan CLAMP chip voltage clamp demo

Voltage clamp demonstration: A cell membrane test performed by applying a voltage step and measuring the resulting whole-cell current.

CLAMP series voltage/current clamp amplifier chips

The Intan Technologies CLAMP series voltage/current clamp amplifier chips are integrated precision amplifiers capable of voltage clamp and current clamp operation.

All analog instrumentation required for traditional "patch clamp" electrophysiology is integrated onto a single piece of silicon. Electrodes or other sensors are connected to the chip and a digital bus is used to control the clamp protocol and read measured waveforms.

The CLAMP1 and CLAMP4 chips contain one and four Clamp Units, respectively. Each Clamp Unit can act as a voltage clamp amplifier or a current clamp amplifier. Voltage clamp operation holds the electrode potential at desired levels while sensing the resulting current waveform. Current clamp operation sources or sinks current through the electrode while sensing the resulting voltage waveform.

The voltage clamp operates over a wide range (±1.275 V) with steps as small as 2.5 mV. A low noise floor (below 3 pA rms in the most sensitive range) allows tiny currents to be resolved. This plot to the left shows a cell membrane test demonstration.

The current clamp produces currents up to ±127 nA and steps as small as 5 pA. Intracellular voltages may be observed across a wide ±300 mV range with a noise floor below 20 microvolts rms. The plot to the bottom left shows the intracellular potential of a neuron measured during current injection.

By transforming weak electrode signals directly into a digital data stream, the CLAMP chips replace all analog instrumentation in patch clamp systems. Intan Technologies will provide an open-source USB/FPGA interface to stream digital data from multiple CLAMP chips to a host computer in real time.

The CLAMP patch clamp system offers a quick way to evaluate the performance and operation of CLAMP chips with a plug-and-play USB interface and open-source multi-platform GUI software.

CLAMP Series Family

  • CLAMP1 with one voltage clamp / current clamp channel.
  • CLAMP4 with four voltage clamp / current clamp channels.

CLAMP Chip Features

  • Fully integrated current-sensing voltage clamp amplifiers and voltage-sensing current clamp amplifiers with serial digital interface (industry-standard SPI bus)
  • Voltage clamp operation holds electrode potential fixed while sensing current in the picoamp to microamp range
  • Low current noise floor: < 3 pA rms over 5 kHz bandwidth with highest sensitivity
  • Current clamp operation sources or sinks constant current through electrode (or maintains zero current) while sensing voltage in the microvolt to millivolt range
  • Low voltage noise floor: < 20 microvolts rms over 10 kHz bandwidth
  • Fast transient capacitance compensation: 0-20 pF range

CLAMP Chip Applications

  • Miniaturized headstages for intracellular patch clamp electrophysiology applications
  • High-throughput planar patch clamp for pharmacological screening
  • Electronics for nanopore sequencing
  • Lipid bilayer membrane amplifiers
  • Intracellular recording with sharp microelectrodes
  • Current sensing from arrays of FET sensors or photodiodes
  • Wide voltage clamp range (±1.275 V) and current measurement range (±1.2 microamps) allow chip to be used for fast-scan cyclic voltammetry (FSCV) in the detection of neurotransmitters and other organic molecules
  • Amperometry for electrochemical detection
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